Introduction: Global Scholarship from Within and Without

  title={Introduction: Global Scholarship from Within and Without},
  author={B. Axford},
A modest proposal: global theory for tough – and not so tough – times
ABSTRACT This article addresses key issues for the scholarship of globalization as these are broached in Steger and James’ recent volume Globalization Matters. First, need we be wary of the lure ofExpand
Excavating the Long History of Globalization


The Post­Human World: A conversation about the end
  • 2017
The Promise of Sociology: Global Challenges for National Disciplines
Sociology was founded as a positivist and universal science that obscured its national parameters. A first response was to attack false universalism with the particularism of indigenous sociologies,Expand
What is Global Studies in Education?
The Global Studies in Education (GSE) division is built upon the tradition of the Comparative and International Education program at Illinois. It includes faculty and students interested in examiningExpand
2013a): Theories of Globalization. Cambridge: Polity
  • Axford, B. (2013b): ‘You had me on Global, Studies Too, I think’, Globalizations,
  • 2013
You Had Me on ‘Global’ and ‘Studies’ Too, I Think
Jan Nederveen Pieterse (2013) has triggered a battery of scholarly reflection over the intellectual terrain of global studies and about its pedagogy. All of which reveals a degree (OK, varyingExpand
‘ Why Global ?
  • Diagnosing the Globalization Literature Within a Political Economy of Higher Education ’ , International Political Sociology
  • 2013
Globalization Theory, Media-Centrism and Neoliberalism: A Critique of Recent Intellectual Trends
This article develops a critique of academic globalization theory from the viewpoint of media and communications. First, it discusses the overall importance of media and communications for the coreExpand
Cosmopolitanism, the clash of civilizations and multiple modernities
The article examines the three alternative conceptions of the emerging global order with special reference to the place and role of the world religions in that order. (1) Cosmopolitanism builds uponExpand
The Blackwell companion to globalization
• Introduces the major players, theories, and methodologies • Explores the major areas of impact, including the environment, cities, outsourcing, consumerism, global media, politics, religion, andExpand
Ex-orbitant Globality
Social theorists, drawing on the study of complex dynamical systems to address global processes, tend to evoke an immanent globality devoid of a constitutive otherness or outside. However, as well asExpand