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Introduction: Conceptualizing the Korean Wave

  title={Introduction: Conceptualizing the Korean Wave},
  author={Mark Ravina},
Transcultural aesthetics of love mediated by romantic comedy television shows and their influence on the experience of long-term partner selection for Singaporean Chinese
This project examines values of romantic love and mate selection through the production and consumption of romantic comedy television shows by young, English-speaking and heterosexual members of theExpand
Korean Wave and Korean Media Consumption in Manipur
The paper studies the Korean wave covering its origin, transnational characteristics, hybridity nature, style in twisting the original Korean look, threat to their original Korean culture and natureExpand
Cultural proximity and hybridity: popularity of Korean pop culture in India
Media is any channel through which the process of communication takes place. It includes communication sources like television, radio, newspapers, the internet, and social media. Being an indispens...
Pandangan Masyarakat Indonesia Terhadap Budaya Korea Selatan: Studi Kasus Manhwa Noblesse pada Aplikasi Line Webtoon
Line Webtoon is one of the media used by South Korea in spreading Hallyu Wave. It has driven the views or opinions of the South Korean culture through manhwa (Korean Comic) called "Noblesse" in theExpand
Blurring the boundaries
A brief stroll about the cityscape of South Korea (henceforth ‘Korea’) testifies to Curtin's (2014) presumptive cosmopolitanism, whereby locals are expected to possess a high degree of competence inExpand
The exponential growth in the popularity of Korean pop cultural products across the globe known as Hallyu wave has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. At times when the geographic boundariesExpand
The Impact of Korean Wave on Malaysian Metrosexual Grooming Attitude and Behaviour: The Moderating Role of Visual Media Consumption
The study investigated the effects of Korean cultural products – namely drama, popular music, and celebrity – on Malaysian metrosexuals’ attitudes to Korean grooming products and also theirExpand
‘Little New Meat’ and ‘Korean Warm Men’: Performance of regional heterosexual masculinities among Taiwanese millennials
Much of the academic research on the Korean Wave has focused on transcultural hybridity, with little analysis of how the Korean Wave has challenged and reshaped the site of heterosexual masculinitiesExpand
Celebrities in a Changing World: A Critical View from the Vietnamese Context
  • Phan Quang Anh
  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies
  • 2019
This paper aims to provide an analysis of the concept Celebrity set in the context of Vietnam under the influence of globalisation. By using theoretical ideas of Cultural and Critical Studies toExpand
Cultural Exchange and Its Externalities on Korea-Africa Relations: How Does the Korean Wave Affect the Perception and Purchasing Behavior of African Consumers?
The Korean wave has become a global phenomenon whose effect has been widely studied in Asia, Europe and the US. However the presumption of cultural distance makes it appear unlikely that the KoreanExpand


Image Is Everything: Re-imaging Traditional Music in the Era of the Korean Wave
In contemporary South Korea, much attention has been focused on developing strategies for Korea’s global integration. The recent hallyu 한류 (Korean Wave) phenomenon attests to the sheer potential ofExpand
Japanese Surfing the Korean Wave: Drama Tourism, Nationalism, and Gender Via Ethnic Eroticisms
The Korean Wave, brought on by the popularity of serialized Korean drama Winter Sonata, ooded Japan from 2004 on. At the popular level, it initiated a generally positive shift in attitudes towardExpand
No "Korean Wave" Here: Western Classical Music and the Changing Value System in South Korea
Because of the Korean Wave, Korean popular musicians have gained a powerful presence in South Korea, while classical musicians have become increasingly marginalized. This change is surprising becauseExpand
A Study on the KBS TV Drama Winter Sonata and its Impact on Korea's Hallyu Tourism Development
The purpose of this paper is to examine the ties between the success of a TV drama Winter Sonata, produced by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), and the flow of tourism into Korea. ByExpand
Analyzing the Use of TV Miniseries for Korea Tourism Marketing
The number of Taiwanese visiting Korea hit a record high in 2004, accounting for a 65% increase over the previous year and taking the first place in destination of departure nationals. Tourism dataExpand
Celebrity fan involvement and destination perceptions
The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which people's involve- ment with a celebrity affects their perceptions of tourism destinations (familiarity, image, and visitationExpand
East Asian Pop Culture: Analysing the Korean Wave
This volume provides, collectively, a multi-layered analysis of the emerging East Asian media culture, using the Korean TV drama as its analytic vehicle.
Re-Imagining a cosmopolitan ‘Asian us’: Korean media flows and imaginaries of Asian modern femininities
The new millennium witnessed increasing transnational flows of Korean popular cultural content including TV dramas, movies and pop songs and their stars have been remarkably well received in China,Expand
The Effects of Korean Pop Culture on Hong Kong Residents' Perceptions of Korea as a Potential Tourist Destination
The goal of this study is to assess the influences that Korean pop culture has on Hong Kong residents' perceptions of Korea as a potential tourist destination. Among the 500 distributedExpand
Korean pop music : riding the wave
The first book in English to consider Korean pop music. The book offers a comprehensive account, written by thirteen scholars of Korean Studies, ethnomusicology and popular culture, charting KoreanExpand