Introduction: A Xi change in policy?

  title={Introduction: A Xi change in policy?},
  author={Shaun Breslin and P Zhongqi},
  journal={The British Journal of Politics and International Relations},
  pages={197 - 209}
  • S. Breslin, P. Zhongqi
  • Published 2 March 2021
  • Political Science
  • The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
Have China’s international relations changed fundamentally under Xi Jinping? Or is it rather a matter of heading in the same direction as before, but with a considerable increase in pace accompanied by a greater confidence in outlining where this journey is taking China (and as a consequence, the world as well)? This introduction outlines some of the collective conclusions of the special issue as a whole, and in explaining the rationale for constructing it, pays tribute to John Peterson’s… 
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  • Political Science
    The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
  • 2021
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