Introducing the Prague Discourse Treebank 1.0

  title={Introducing the Prague Discourse Treebank 1.0},
  author={Lucie Pol{\'a}kov{\'a} and Jir{\'i} M{\'i}rovsk{\'y} and Anna Nedoluzhko and Pavl{\'i}na J{\'i}nov{\'a} and S{\'a}rka Zik{\'a}nov{\'a} and Eva Hajicov{\'a}},
We present the Prague Discourse Treebank 1.0, a collection of Czech texts annotated for various discourse-related phenomena "beyond the sentence boundary". The treebank contains manual annotations of (1), discourse connectives, their arguments and senses, (2), textual coreference, and (3), bridging anaphora, all carried out on 50k sentences of the treebank… CONTINUE READING

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