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Introducing the ICBe Dataset: Very High Recall and Precision Event Extraction from Narratives about International Crises

  title={Introducing the ICBe Dataset: Very High Recall and Precision Event Extraction from Narratives about International Crises},
  author={Rex W. Douglass and Thomas Leo Scherer and J. Andr{\'e}s Gannon and Erik Gartzke and Jon Lindsay and Shannon P. Carcelli and Jonathan Wilkenfeld and David M. Quinn and Catherine Aiken and Jose Miguel Cabezas Navarro and Neil Lund and Eglė Murauskaitė and Diana Partridge},
How do international crises unfold? We conceive of international affairs as a strategic chess game between adversaries, necessitating a systematic way to measure pieces, moves, and gambits accurately and consistently over different contexts and periods. We develop such a measurement strategy with an ontology of crisis actions and interactions and apply it to a high-quality corpus of crisis narratives recorded by the International Crisis Behavior (ICB) Project. We demonstrate that the ontology has… 


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  • P. James
  • Art
    Conflict Management and Peace Science
  • 2018
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