Introducing the CTA concept

  title={Introducing the CTA concept},
  author={Bannanje Sripath Acharya and Marcelo L. Actis and Toktam Aghajani and G Aetano Agnetta and Juan Antonio Araiza Aguilar and Felix A. Aharonian and Marco Ajello and Ashot Akhperjanian and Miguel Alcubierre and Jovan Aleksic and Rafael A. M{\'e}ndez Alfaro and Ester Aliu and Alice Allafort and Diego Allan and Jaime Rosado V{\'e}lez and Eugenio Amato and James Anderson and Ekrem Oǧuzhan Ang{\"u}ner and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and P. Antoranz and Athanasios Aravantinos and Timothy C. Arlen and Thomas Orwell Armstrong and H. Arnaldi and Luisa Arrabito and Kazuhito Asano and Terry Ashton and Hern'an Gonzalo Asorey and Yasuyuki Awane and Hideo Baba and Ante Babi{\'c} and Nimisha Baby and Jennifer B{\"a}hr and Alexander F. Bais and C. Baixeras and Stanislaw Bajtlik and Matteo Balbo and Dimitris S. Balis and Ch. Balkowski and Aya Bamba and Ruggero Bandiera and Aitana Sorolla Barber and Catherine Barbier and Miquel Barcel{\'o} and Anna Barnacka and Juergen Barnstedt and U. 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Kihm and Tomoharu Kishimoto and Kotaro Kitamoto and Włodzimierz Kluźniak and Cristina Knapic and James D. Knapp and Juergen Knoedlseder and Frank Koeck and Jarosław Kocot and Katherine Kodani and J. H. K{\"o}hne and Kazunori Kohri and Kostas D. Kokkotas and David Kolitzus and Nu. Komin and Ioannis Kominis and Yasuhiro Konno and Herwig K{\"o}ppel and Przemyslaw Korohoda and Karl Peter Kosack and Gerhard Koss and Radosław Kossakowski and Pawel Kostka and Richa Koul and Grzegorz Kowal Kowal and Shoko Koyama and J{\'o}zef Kozioł and T. Krahenbuhl and Johannes Krause and H. Krawzcynski and Frank Krennrich and A. Krepps and Annika Kretzschmann and Roman Krobot and Paulus Krueger and Hiroshi R Kubo and V. A. Kudryavtsev and Junko Kushida and Anatoly I. Kuznetsov and Antonio La Barbera and Nicola La Palombara and Valentina La Parola and G. La Rosa and Karine Lacombe and Giuseppe Lamanna and Jonathan Lande and David Languignon and Jonathan S. Lapington and Pauline Laporte and Claudia Lavalley and T. Le Flour and Arnaud Le Padellec and Shiu-hang Lee and William Harrison Lee and M. A. Leigui and J. P. Lenain and Donald Joseph Leopold and Tobias Lerch and Luigi Lessio and B. Lieunard and Eveliina Lindfors and Antonios Liolios and Anna Lipniacka and H. Lockart and Tillmann Lohse},
The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a new observatory for very high-energy (VHE) gamma rays. CTA has ambitions science goals, for which it is necessary to achieve full-sky coverage, to improve the sensitivity by about an order of magnitude, to span about four decades of energy, from a few tens of GeV to above 100 TeV with enhanced angular and energy resolutions over existing VHE gamma-ray observatories. An international collaboration has formed with more than 1000 members from 27 countries… CONTINUE READING

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