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Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications

  title={Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications},
  author={J. Munday},
A visual tour of Introducing Translation Studies List of figures and tables Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction Chapter 1 Main issues of translation studies Chapter 2 Translation theory before the twentieth century Chapter 3 Equivalence and equivalent effect Chapter 4 Studying translation product and process Chapter 5 Functional theories of translation Chapter 6 Discourse and Register analysis approaches Chapter 7 Systems theories Chapter 8 Cultural and ideological turns Chapter… Expand
An Introduction to Translation Studies: an Overview
This study aims to observe the development of translation studies through three concepts of descriptive translation studies; product-based, processbased, and functional-based translation studies. TheExpand
Translation Studies and Translation Technology
The semiotic classification of translation models introduced by Roman Jakobson is used to illustrate a different perspective on the translation process, involving editing tasks and controlled language. Expand
Review article: Jeremy Munday, Introducing translation studies: Theories and applications .
In the review that follows, I present a selective content summary of the sequence of chapters found in this book, accompanied by my critical comments and additions from the specific perspective ofExpand
Translation Strategies, Techniques, and Equivalences in Critical Approach
An attempt will be made to defend the necessity of distinguishing between translation strategies and techniques, as well as preserving the concept of equivalence, in this study directly focused on written translation. Expand
Exploring Translation Theories: A review from the perspective of Bible Translation.
This review article is written with reference to the recent book by Anthony Pym entitled "Exploring Translation Theories" (2010). In my descriptive evaluation, I progressively work through the text,Expand
A Review of the History of Translation Studies
This paper aims at a general review of the history of translation studies and the prevalent approaches from antiquity to the present in the west, in the form of a historical survey in which keyExpand
Making translation textbooks
Abstract There is nothing as practical as a good theory. This article is an attempt to look at the development of theories of Translation Studies from the point of view of their practical applicationExpand
A companion to translation studies
Notes on Contributors Introduction 1. Culture and Translation - Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick 2. Philosophy and Translation - Anthony Pym (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) 3. Linguistics andExpand
For "Translation and Theories".
Translation studies stem from comparative literature and contrastive analysis. It involves the transfer of messages between two different language systems and cultures, and Munday (2001,p.1) notesExpand
A Case for Foreignised News Translation
This chapter highlights quotation and culture-specific concepts as two key sites of translation in the news. It describes the secondary level of mediation introduced by the translation process atExpand


The Manipulation of Literature: Studies in Literary Translation@@@The Poet's Other Voice: Conversations on Literary Translation
Preface Introduction: Translation Studies and a New Paradigm Theo Hermans 2. A Rationale for Descriptive Translation Studies Gideon Toury 3. On Describing Translations Jose Lambert and Hendrik vanExpand
Discourse and the Translator
Issues and debate in translation studies linguistics and translators - theory and practice context in translating - register and analysis translating and languages as discourse translating text asExpand
Meaning-Based Translation: A Guide to Cross-Language Equivalence
The workbook provides additional practice from one basic source, thus giving students a wider variety of problems to solve during practice time, and provides material that can be used as homework or as testing material. Expand
Deconstruction: Theory and Practice.
Deconstruction: Theory and Practice has been acclaimed as by far the most readable, concise and authoritative guide to this topic. Without oversimplifying or glossing over the challenges, NorrisExpand
Principles of pragmatics
Preface A note on symbols 1. Introduction 1.1 Historical preamble 1.2 Semantics and pragmatics 1.3 General pragmatics 1.4 Aspects of speech situations 1.5 Rhetoric 2. A set of postulates 2.1 SemanticExpand
Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity
Whatever our proffesion, gender trouble feminism and the subversion of identity routledge classics can be great resource for reading. Locate the existing data of word, txt, kindle, ppt, zip, pdf, asExpand
What Is Stylistics and Why Are They Saying Such Terrible Things About It
I intend today to continue what Barbara Smith has recently characterized as my "saturation bombing" of stylistics.1 As before, the focus of the discussion will be on the relationship betweenExpand
Style in Fiction:A Linguistic Introduction to English Fictional Prose
《小说文体分析》(Style in Fiction)是运用现代语言学的最新成果,对文学作品进行系统的文体分析的一部精采的教科书。随着语言学的日益发展,人们越来越多地把现代语言学的研究成果运用到文体学分析中来。1969年,利奇(Geoffrey N.Leech)发表了《英语诗歌语言分析入门》(A Linguistic Guideto English Poetry),用现代语言学的观点对
Literary into cultural studies
De optimo genere oratorum
obra em questao foi escrita em 46 a.C., depois de Brutus e de Orator. Quando Cicero concluiu seu Orator, Bruto, um de seus mais caros amigos, considerou-o inacabado e falho, o que nao so frustrou oExpand