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Introducing Folknography: A Study of Gullah Culture

  title={Introducing Folknography: A Study of Gullah Culture},
  author={Charles W. Jarrett},
Principles of rural sociology, ethnographic research, and interpersonal communication provide the foundation for a study of Gullah culture. The Gullahs are descendants of enslaved people living in the Sea Islands and coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida. Unlike enslaved Africans living in mainland regions, the Gullahs remained more isolated and able to transform their language and culture into a uniquely distinctive African American heritage. Construction of bridges… 

Minority Community Resilience and Cultural Heritage Preservation: A Case Study of the Gullah Geechee Community

The Gullah Geechee community of the south-eastern United States endures today as a minority group with a significant cultural heritage. However, little research has been conducted to explore this

Gullah Island Dispute Resolution

Restorative justice has been suggested as a means to deal with disproportionate minority confinement and other social problems within communities of color, specifically the Black community. However,

Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Ramifications in U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems

Lagoons are highly productive coastal features that provide a range of natural services that society values. Their setting within the coastal landscape leaves them especially vulnerable to profound

A Content Analysis of the Representation of Black Girls in Children's Picture Books

This study used qualitative content analysis to determine if there is a difference in the way that black girls were depicted in children’s picture books in the 1990s compared to their portrayal in

Bringing Race Relations Into the Restorative Justice Debate

Restorative justice was reborn in the 1970s with a promise to provide a better sense and experience of justice, especially for those who are let down the most by the criminal justice system. And yet,

Fishing and Fish Consumption Patterns in the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Population

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Rapid Rural Appraisal: A Study of Gullah Culture.

Principles of rural sociology and interpersonal communication provide the foundation for a study of "Gullah" culture. The Gullahs are a group of African Americans living along the southwestern U.S.

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