Introducción a la Tarea Compartida Tweet-Norm 2013: Normalización Léxica de Tuits en Español

  title={Introducci{\'o}n a la Tarea Compartida Tweet-Norm 2013: Normalizaci{\'o}n L{\'e}xica de Tuits en Espa{\~n}ol},
  author={I{\~n}aki Alegria and Nora Aranberri and V{\'i}ctor Fresno-Fern{\'a}ndez and Pablo Gamallo and Llu{\'i}s Padr{\'o} and I{\~n}aki San Vicente and Jordi Turmo and Arkaitz Zubiaga},
An overview of the shared task is presented: description, corpora, annotation, preprocess, participant systems and results.