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Acceso a la Justicia y Estado Moderno


"Gizartea Jean Etxepareren idazlanetan: adabakiak"

Jean Etxepareren (1877-1935) gizarte ikuspegia areago zehazteko urratsak dira. Haren aukera estetiko eta etikoek gizartearekin zuten lotura batzuk jasoko dira.

Francisco Pacheco y los libros plúmbeos de Granada: un dibujo inédito

Este trabajo presenta un dibujo inédito atribuido al pintor manierista Francisco Pacheco. Se analiza tanto su técnica como su iconografía y se pone en relación con la cultura de su época, haciendo

Beliefs, values, and traditions: re-thinking sustainable development using the Hñähñu example

ABSTRACT Historically humans have used their territorial resources to meet their reproductive needs. In doing so, they have developed informal institutions through their systems of beliefs and values

‘One man’s junk culture . . .’: A state-of-the-art review on the problem of mass culture in Argentine cultural studies

Could you truly understand contemporary Argentine culture without considering the local appropriation of The Simpsons? In this article, we argue that mass culture has been a blind spot of Argentine

Las residencias para escritores: Apuntes para su implementación

Cities go through changes that require specific adaptation responses. It is an opportunity for cultural production to help cities solve their problems creatively. This is the case of the residences

Desafíos de la Implementación de la Estrategia de Negocio

Obstáculos y factores que inciden en la implementación de una estrategia de negocios son analizados en el presente artículo. Mediante una revisión de la literatura pertinente, se describe un breve

Community, dispossession, and ethnic rearticulation in Mexico and Guatemala

ABSTRACT When neolberalism turned onto extractivism in Latin America, Indigenous populations suffered anonslaught against their territories. In general, resistance mobilization has emerged from



Manual de técnicas de análisis químico para el humus de lombriz

Este Manual ha sido editado por el financiamiento del Proyecto “Apoyo a la produccion de abonos organicos para las zonas urbanas de las provincias orientales” del PNUD

La risa en el regateo : estudio sobre el estilo comunicativo de negociadores españoles y suecos

La risa en el regateo : estudio sobre el estilo comunicativo de negociadores espanoles y suecos

Aditivos para hormigones, morteros y pastas

This article comments on the increasing importance of the use of admixtures for concrete, mortars and grouts as well as the specific effects they produce, thus requiring a suitable Spanish Normative,

THE BIOLOGY OF CANADIAN WEEDS.: 77. Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv.

This review presents a summary of biological information on E. crus-galli, an annual grass and a cosmopolitan weed with a range from 50°N to 40°S latitude, which is widely distributed along roadsides and in cultivated fields of all provinces.

Mini-Cement: A Review of Indian Experience

  • S. Sinha
  • Economics, Materials Science
  • 1990
Cement in the Indian Economy physical factors affecting cement output anatomy of a crisis mini-scale cement production in India mini-cement production - an economic analysis the reality of

Evaluación de Sustratos Orgánicos para la Producción de Lombricomposta con Eisenia foetida

Assessment of substrata of cow manure, aquatic iris, and a mixture of fruit and vegetable waste from local markets shows that cow manure and aquatic iri were the substrata more suitable for intensive production of worm compost and worms.

Seed Germination Ecology of Junglerice (Echinochloa colona): A Major Weed of Rice

Junglerice is one of the most serious grass weeds of rice in the tropics and is likely to be problematic in reduced tillage systems.