Intrinsic respiratory gating in small-animal CT

  title={Intrinsic respiratory gating in small-animal CT},
  author={Soenke Heinrich Bartling and Julien Dinkel and Wolfram Stiller and Michael Grasruck and Ijad Madisch and Hans-Ulrich Kauczor and Wolfhard Semmler and Rajiv Gupta and Fabian Kiessling},
  journal={European Radiology},
Gating in small-animal CT imaging can compensate artefacts caused by physiological motion during scanning. However, all published gating approaches for small animals rely on additional hardware to derive the gating signals. In contrast, in this study a novel method of intrinsic respiratory gating of rodents was developed and tested for mice (n=5), rats (n=5) and rabbits (n=2) in a flat-panel cone-beam CT system. In a consensus read image quality was compared with that of non-gated and… CONTINUE READING