Intrinsic motions along an enzymatic reaction trajectory

  title={Intrinsic motions along an enzymatic reaction trajectory},
  author={Katherine A Henzler-Wildman and Vu Thai and Ming Lei and Maria Ott and Magnus Wolf-Watz and Tim D. Fenn and Ed Pozharski and Mark A. Wilson and Gregory A. Petsko and Martin Karplus and Christian Gerhard H{\"u}bner and Dorothee Kern},
The mechanisms by which enzymes achieve extraordinary rate acceleration and specificity have long been of key interest in biochemistry. It is generally recognized that substrate binding coupled to conformational changes of the substrate–enzyme complex aligns the reactive groups in an optimal environment for efficient chemistry. Although chemical mechanisms have been elucidated for many enzymes, the question of how enzymes achieve the catalytically competent state has only recently become… CONTINUE READING