Intrinsic membrane properties causing a bistable behaviour of alpha-motoneurones.

  title={Intrinsic membrane properties causing a bistable behaviour of alpha-motoneurones.},
  author={Jorn Hounsgaard and Hans Hultborn and Bo Jespersen and Ole Kiehn},
  journal={Experimental brain research},
  volume={55 2},
In decerebrate cats a train of impulses in Ia afferents may lead to a sustained increase in excitability of alpha-motoneurones of homonymous and heteronymous muscles. It was previously suggested that this long-lasting excitability increase reflects a maintained synaptic input to the motoneurones from excitatory interneurones. With intracellular recording from motoneurones we here demonstrate that the sustained increase of alpha-motoneurone activity is due to an all-or-none plateau… CONTINUE READING

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