Intrinsic ferromagnetism in CoBr2 nanolayers: a DFT + U and Monte Carlo study

  title={Intrinsic ferromagnetism in CoBr2 nanolayers: a DFT + U and Monte Carlo study},
  author={A. Jabar and Rachid Masrour and G. Kadim and Mohamed Hamedoun and Ahmed Hourmatallah and Najib Benzakour and Abdellah Rezzouk and Khalid Bouslykhane and J. Kharbach},
  journal={Communications in Theoretical Physics},
The intrinsic ferromagnetism of CoBr2 bulk was investigated using DFT (density functional theory) combined with the full potential linear augmented plane wave method and Monte Carlo simulations. The ground state of CoBr2 exhibits ferromagnetic behavior and a semiconductor character. We used the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) and GGA + U (Hubbard correction) approximations to determinate the magnetic moment. The magnetic moment reached the experimental value and was in good agreement… 
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Atti Accad
  • 1929
Temperature dependence of the magnetization M and the magnetic susceptibility of CoBr2 bulk with h=1.0 T and Δ=0.0
  • J. Magn. Magn. Mater
  • 2017