Intrinsic and doped coupled quantum dots created by local modulation of implantation in a silicon nanowire

  title={Intrinsic and doped coupled quantum dots created by local modulation of implantation in a silicon nanowire},
  author={M. Pierre and B. Roche and Romain Wacquez and Xavier Jehl and Marc Sanquer and Maud Vinet},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
We present a systematic study of various ways (top gates, local doping, substrate bias) to fabricate and tune multi-dot structures in silicon nanowire multigate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors. The carrier concentration profile of the silicon nanowire is a key parameter to control the formation of tunnel barriers and single-electron islands. It is determined both by the doping profile of the nanowire and by the voltages applied to the top gates and to the substrate. Local… 

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