Intrinsic Volumes of Random Cubical Complexes

  title={Intrinsic Volumes of Random Cubical Complexes},
  author={M. Werman and Matthew L. Wright},
  journal={Discrete & Computational Geometry},
  • M. Werman, Matthew L. Wright
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Discrete & Computational Geometry
  • Intrinsic volumes, which generalize both Euler characteristic and Lebesgue volume, are important properties of d-dimensional sets. A random cubical complex is a union of unit cubes, each with vertices on a regular cubic lattice, constructed according to some probability model. We analyze and give exact polynomial formulae, dependent on a probability, for the expected value and variance of the intrinsic volumes of several models of random cubical complexes. We then prove a central limit theorem… CONTINUE READING
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