Intrinsic Response Towards Physiologic Stiffness is Cell-Type Dependent


In the continuous search for better tissue engineering scaffolds it has become increasingly clear that the substrate properties dramatically affect cell responses. Here we compared cells from a physiologically stiff tissue, melanoma, to cells isolated from a physiologically soft tissue, brain. We measured the cell line responses to laminin immobilized onto… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s12013-017-0834-1


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@article{Reimer2017IntrinsicRT, title={Intrinsic Response Towards Physiologic Stiffness is Cell-Type Dependent}, author={Michael Reimer and Silviya Petrova Zustiak and Saahil C Sheth and Joseph M. Schober}, journal={Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics}, year={2017}, pages={1-12} }