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Intrinsic Redshifts in QSOs Near NGC 6212

  title={Intrinsic Redshifts in QSOs Near NGC 6212},
  author={M. Bell and S. Comeau},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
The high number of QSOs around NGC 6212 allows a correlation analysis to be carried out between their redshift distribution and the redshift distributions predicted by intrinsic redshift models. We find no correlation between the QSO redshift distribution and the intrinsic redshifts predicted by Karlsson's log(1+z) = 0.089 relation. However, we find that the QSO redshift distribution is correlated with the intrinsic redshifts predicted by the relation z_{iQ} = 0.62[N-0.1M_{N}], for N = 3. We… 
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