Intrinsic Properties of Fe-Substituted $L1_{0}$ Magnets

  title={Intrinsic Properties of Fe-Substituted \$L1_\{0\}\$ Magnets},
  author={Priyanka Manchanda and Pankaj Kumar and Arti Kashyap and Michael J. Lucis and J. E. Shield and Arif Mubarok and Josepr I Goldstein and Steve Constantinides and Katayun Barmak and Laura H. Lewis and D. J. Sellmyer and Ralph A. Skomski},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
First-principle supercell calculations are used to determine how 3d elemental additions, especially Fe additions, modify the magnetization, exchange and anisotropy of L10-ordered ferromagnets. Calculations are performed using the VASP code and partially involve configurational averaging over site disorder. Three isostructural systems are investigated: Fe-Co… CONTINUE READING