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Intrinsic Lipschitz maps vs. Lagrangian type solutions in Carnot groups of step 2

  title={Intrinsic Lipschitz maps vs. Lagrangian type solutions in Carnot groups of step 2},
  author={Daniela Di Donato},
We focus our attention on the notion of intrinsic Lipschitz graphs, inside a subclass of Carnot groups of step 2 which includes corank 1 Carnot groups (and so the Heisenberg groups), Free groups of step 2 and the complexified Heisenberg group. More precisely, we prove the equivalence between an intrinsic Lipschitz map and a suitable notion of weak solution of a Burgers’ type PDE, which generalizes the Lagrangian solution in the context of Heisenberg groups. 



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  • D. Vittone
  • Mathematics
    Forum of Mathematics, Sigma
  • 2022
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