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Intriguing properties of neural networks

  title={Intriguing properties of neural networks},
  author={Christian Szegedy and W. Zaremba and Ilya Sutskever and Joan Bruna and D. Erhan and Ian J. Goodfellow and R. Fergus},
  • Christian Szegedy, W. Zaremba, +4 authors R. Fergus
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • CoRR
  • Deep neural networks are highly expressive models that have recently achieved state of the art performance on speech and visual recognition tasks. [...] Key Result In addition, the specific nature of these perturbations is not a random artifact of learning: the same perturbation can cause a different network, that was trained on a different subset of the dataset, to misclassify the same input.Expand Abstract

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