Intravitreal pharmacokinetics of liposome-encapsulated amikacin in a rabbit model.

  title={Intravitreal pharmacokinetics of liposome-encapsulated amikacin in a rabbit model.},
  author={Shao-ming Zeng and Cheng Hu and Hua Wei and Yi Lu and Yuanchun Zhang and Jin-Sheng Yang and Gyiae Yun and Weigou Zou and Byunghoo Song},
  volume={100 11},
BACKGROUND Intravitreal injection of antibiotics has become a standard therapy for bacterial endophthalmitis. The duration of effective antimicrobial levels in the vitreous after single injection, however, may not be long enough to get optimal response. The authors prepared liposome-encapsulated amikacin for prolonging the duration of intravitreal therapeutic concentrations and investigated the intravitreal pharmacokinetics of the liposomes and amikacin in phosphate buffer solution (PBS) as… CONTINUE READING

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