Intravitreal U75412E: a new free radical scavenger.


Free-radical-mediated tissue damage is thought to be involved in a multitude of ophthalmic pathologies. Therefore, drugs that scavenge free radicals may find wide clinical application. A new chemical class of antiinflammatory agents, the 21-aminosteroids, has been developed as free radical scavengers. These agents are thought to inhibit lipid peroxidation… (More)


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@article{Fiscella1991IntravitrealUA, title={Intravitreal U75412E: a new free radical scavenger.}, author={Richard G Fiscella and David Gagliano and N S Peachey and R. Mermod I. Savin R. Feist and R. Dunn and T. T. Lam}, journal={Ophthalmic surgery}, year={1991}, volume={22 12}, pages={740-4} }