Intraventricular neurocytoma: a report of two cases.

  title={Intraventricular neurocytoma: a report of two cases.},
  author={Vishnupuri Venkatraman Radhakrishnan and Samavedam Sandhyamani and Ariamuthu Saraswathy and B. K. Misra and Derek Rout},
  journal={Indian journal of cancer},
  volume={31 3},
Central neurocytomas are uncommon intracranial neoplasms. More than one hundred cases are documentated in the literature. In this report we describe the clinical and histopathological features in two patients with intraventricular neurocytoma. As the light microscopic features of neurocytoma resemble with that of an oligodendroglioma, it is essential to differentiate these two tumours, using either ultrastructural or immunohistochemical techniques. 
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