Intravenous pyogenic granuloma: immunohistochemical consideration--a case report.

  title={Intravenous pyogenic granuloma: immunohistochemical consideration--a case report.},
  author={Lei Qian and Yuan-chi Hui},
  journal={Vascular surgery},
  volume={35 4},
Intravenous pyogenic granuloma is a rare form of pyogenic granuloma in which the whole lesion appears as a single polypoid mass projecting into the lumen of a vein. Histologically, this benign lesion is similar to pyogenic granuloma of other locations and is characterized by lobular proliferation of capillaries embedded in a fibromyxoid stroma. The following report illustrated the classic findings associated with an intravenous pyogenic granuloma in a young woman. A brief review of this rare… CONTINUE READING

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