[Intravenous immunoglobulins in bronchial asthma: a therapeutic alternative?].


Treatment of severe bronchial asthma usually requires the use of steroids. Given the known side effects of steroid treatment, potential alternative therapeutical strategies are currently evaluated; among others, intravenously administered immunoglobulins (ivIg) may be considered. In one study of 5 children with bronchial asthma and IgG subclass deficiency, an improvement of asthma was demonstrated in 4 out of the 5 patients under ivIg treatment over several months. In another study on ivIg treatment in 8 immunocompetent children with steroid-dependent asthma, there also was an improvement of asthma, leading to a reduction in the required steroid dose; furthermore, there was a diminution in skin prick test reactivity. At present, only speculations can be made about the possible mechanisms of action.

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