Intravenous cholangiography: optimum dosage and methodology.

  title={Intravenous cholangiography: optimum dosage and methodology.},
  author={Francis J. Scholz and David Johnston and Robert E. Wise},
  volume={114 3},
Cholangiography was performed in 442 patients using four dosage regimens of Cholografin: (a) a single-dose, full-strength injection in 10 minutes (150 examinations), (b) two dilute (76 examinations) or very dilute single doses (71 examinations) infused in 30 minutes, and (c) one dilute double dose infused in 30 minutes (145 examinations). Results showed that the double-dose infusion gave maximum visualization, followed by the single-dose injection and the two single-dose infusions. With the… CONTINUE READING

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