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Intravenous Rutin Nanocrystals with Potential Use for Alzheimer Treatment

  title={Intravenous Rutin Nanocrystals with Potential Use for Alzheimer Treatment},
  author={Yu Juan Zhang and Run-tao Chen and Cornelia M. Keck and Rainer Helmut M{\"u}ller},
SUMMARY Four formulations of rutin anti-oxidant nanocrystals were prepared. To estimate their in vivo behavior, the plasma protein adsorption patterns were analyzed by the 2D-PAGE. The results show that they have similar total amounts of adsorbed proteins, but an important qualitative difference. The Tween 80 coated rutin nanocrystals displayed a high adsorption amount of ApoE indicating the potential for i.v. brain delivery and treatment of Alzheimer disease. INTRODUCTION Nanocrystals are a… 


The authors would like to thank the Erasmus Mundus LOT-14 program for doctoral fellowship, the PhD financial support from China Scholarship Council and the research support of PharmSol GmbH

  • Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm
  • 2005