Intravascular stenting (IVaS) for safe and precise supermicrosurgery.

  title={Intravascular stenting (IVaS) for safe and precise supermicrosurgery.},
  author={Mitsunaga Narushima and Isao Koshima and Makoto Mihara and Gentaro Uchida and Koichi Gonda},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={60 1},
The diameter of very small vessels (about 0.5 mm or less) causes difficulties in placing forceps into the lumen and in completing anastomosis without inadvertently catching the back wall during supermicrosurgery. The insertion of nylon monofilaments into small vessels has overcome this problem. We implanted superficial inferior epigastric arterial (SIEA) flaps in 10 rats and also performed supermicroanastomosis (diameter, 0.15 mm) using SIEA flaps in mice. The back wall was never inadvertently… CONTINUE READING
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