Intravascular inhomogeneous oxygen distribution in microvessels: theory.

  title={Intravascular inhomogeneous oxygen distribution in microvessels: theory.},
  author={Hirosuke Kobayashi and Naosada Takizawa and Tomoko Negishi and Kazuo Tanishita},
  journal={Respiratory physiology & neurobiology},
  volume={133 3},
Cross-sectional oxygen distribution in microvessels in most previous studies has been assumed to be homogeneous. Recent studies using phosphorescence quenching microscopy or microspectrophotometry showed a decline in oxygen profile near the arterial wall. In this study we performed theoretical analysis of intravascular P(O(2)) and S(O(2)) profiles in arterioles by using a radial diffusion model with a constant oxygen efflux from the vascular lumen, taking intravascular flow distribution into… CONTINUE READING

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