Intrauterine growth curves based on ultrasonically estimated foetal weights.

  title={Intrauterine growth curves based on ultrasonically estimated foetal weights.},
  author={Karel Mar{\vs}{\'a}l and P H Persson and Torben Larsen and H{\aa}kan Lilja and Anders J Selbing and Bo L Sultan},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={85 7},
Available standard intrauterine growth curves based on birthweights underestimate foetal growth in preterm period. New growth curves are presented based on data from four Scandinavian centres for 759 ultrasonically estimated foetal weights in 86 uncomplicated pregnancies. Mean weight of boys exceeded that of girls by 2-3%. A uniform SD value of 12% of the mean weight was adopted for the standard curves as the true SD varied non-systematically between 9.1 and 12.4%. Applied to an unselected… CONTINUE READING
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