Intratumoral chemotherapy with cisplatin in oily emulsion in horses.

  title={Intratumoral chemotherapy with cisplatin in oily emulsion in horses.},
  author={Alain P. Theon and John R Pascoe and Gary P. Carlson and David N Krag},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={202 2},
Twenty horses with 30 lesions were studied to evaluate the effects of intratumoral chemotherapy with cisplatin in sesame oil on equine sarcoids (n = 19), squamous cell carcinomas (n = 7), and squamous cell papillomas (n = 4). Treatment consisted of 4 sessions of intratumoral cisplatin chemotherapy at 2-week intervals. A controlled-release formulation of cisplatin in sesame oil was used to limit drug egress from the injection site. Mean dosage per session was 0.97 (+/- 0.17, SEM) mg of cisplatin… CONTINUE READING
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