Intratracheal metastasis secondary to soft tissue liposarcoma.

  title={Intratracheal metastasis secondary to soft tissue liposarcoma.},
  author={Sujit Nair and Puneet Kumar and George P Ladas},
  journal={Singapore medical journal},
  volume={48 3},
Intratracheal metastasis from non-pulmonary neoplasm is extremely rare. We report a 53-year-old woman presenting with upper airway obstruction and stridor due to intratracheal metastasis from latissimus dorsi liposarcoma. Chest computed tomography revealed an intratracheal mass leading to intralumimal obstruction of the upper airway. At rigid bronchoscopy, a 2-cm intratracheal mass was identified and resected with endobronchial electrosurgery to establish a satisfactory airway with marked… CONTINUE READING


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