Intratest variability in conventional and high-pass resolution perimetry.

  title={Intratest variability in conventional and high-pass resolution perimetry.},
  author={Balwantray C Chauhan and Philip H. House},
  volume={98 1},
The authors studied the effects of threshold, age, and visual field location on intratest variability in 11 normal subjects between the ages of 15 and 50 years (mean, 35.37 years). The subjects were tested with a conventional manual (Tübinger) perimeter and a high-pass resolution (Ring) perimeter at the following locations: (0 degrees, 30 degrees), (0 degrees, 15 degrees), (0 degrees, -15 degrees), and (0 degrees, -30 degrees). Frequency-of-seeing curves were constructed to obtain accurate… CONTINUE READING

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