Intrasurgical mapping of complex motor function in the superior frontal gyrus.

  title={Intrasurgical mapping of complex motor function in the superior frontal gyrus.},
  author={Juan Martino and Andreu Gabarr{\'o}s and Joan Deus and M. Juncadella and Juan Jos{\'e} Acebes and April Torres and Jes{\'u}s Pujol},
A lesion to the superior frontal gyrus (SFG) has been associated with long-lasting deficits in complex motor functions. The aim of this study was to analyze the functional role of the SFG by means of electrical cortical stimulation. Direct intraoperative electrical stimulation was used in a group of 21 subjects with lesions within or close to the SFG while they performed three motor tasks that require high skills or bimanual synergy. The results were compared to functional magnetic resonance… CONTINUE READING

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