Intraspecific parasitism and split sex ratios in a monogynous and monandrous ant (Leptothorax nylanderi)

  title={Intraspecific parasitism and split sex ratios in a monogynous and monandrous ant (Leptothorax nylanderi)},
  author={Susanne Foitzik and J{\"u}rgen Heinze},
  journal={Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology},
Sex ratios were bimodally distributed in a population of the monogynous and monandrous ant Leptothorax nylanderi during each of 3 study years. The population-wide investment ratios suggested worker control of sex allocation. Nest-level variation in the proportional investment in virgin queens was not affected by the presence or absence of a queen and only slightly by collecting year, but was correlated with nest size, total sexual investment and, unexpectedly, with differences in nestmate… CONTINUE READING
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