Intrasexual competition, territoriality and acoustic communication in male strawberry poison frogs (Oophaga pumilio)

  title={Intrasexual competition, territoriality and acoustic communication in male strawberry poison frogs (Oophaga pumilio)},
  author={Ivonne Meuche and Karl Eduard Linsenmair and Heike Pr{\"o}hl},
  journal={Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology},
In many species male reproductive success is limited by access to females. Territoriality is one behavioural strategy which helps to acquire females. In the present study, we investigated the correlation between territory size and (1) female availability and (2) rate of intrusion by conspecific males in strawberry poison frogs, Oophaga pumilio. Males defended smaller territories in areas with a high female density and high rate of intrusion by conspecific males. Only males with high body… 

Acoustic ranging in poison frogs—it is not about signal amplitude alone

The present study shows for the first time that also poison frogs can make use of more complex cues, an ability which is likely to be highly beneficial in their territorial social organization and probably can also be used for orientation.



Vocalizations in the Territorial Behavior of the Frog Dendrobates pumilio

The concept of reproductive effort and its relation to the evolution of life histories of lizards is studied and the results show similarities to that of birds and mammals.


▪ Abstract Intraspecific variation in territory size and shape can have strong effects on population structure and dynamics. The traditional theoretical approach to the study of territory size is

The Ecology and Behavior of Amphibians

Territorial behaviour of the strawberry poison-dart frog, Dendrobates pumilio

The ecology and reproductive behaviour of Dendrobates pumilio was investigated by several workers in La Selva, Costa Rica, where some evidence were found on male territorial behaviour.

10. Alternative mating tactics in the strawberry poison frog ( Oophaga pumilio )

In this study, a satellite tactic used by Oophaga pumilio males is reported for the first time, and was aimed at attracting females in the territory of calling males.

Kernel methods for estimating the utilization distribution in home-range studies

Kernel methods are of flexible form and can be used where simple parametric models are found to be inappropriate or difficult to specify and give alternative approaches to the Anderson (1982) Fourier transform methods.

Deep croaks and fighting assessment in toads Bufo bufo

This paper shows experimentally that male toads, Bufo bufo, settle contests for the possession of females by means of vocalisations that give a reliable signal of body size and hence of fighting ability.

Female Territoriality in the Strawberry Poison Frog (Oophaga pumilio)

Evidence is provided, for the first time, that females are territorial; they defend their core area against other intruding females and are most likely associated with the defense of feeding areas.