Intraretinal RGMa is involved in retino-tectal mapping.

  title={Intraretinal RGMa is involved in retino-tectal mapping.},
  author={Nardos G. Tassew and Larisa Chestopolava and Robert Beecroft and Eiji Matsunaga and Henry Teng and Alain Ch{\'e}dotal and Philippe P. Monnier},
  journal={Molecular and cellular neurosciences},
  volume={37 4},
The repulsive guidance molecule (RGMa) is involved in controlling the topography of retinal ganglion cell axons along the anterioposterior axis of the tectum. Here, we generated a new RGMa-monoclonal antibody and show that it is expressed in the developing retina, suggesting that it may regulate retinal axon pathfinding. We tested this hypothesis by using in ovo electroporation to either overexpress or downregulate RGMa in the eye. Anterograde labeling of retinal axons entering the optic tecta… CONTINUE READING


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