Intraplate Volcanism

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A total-evidence approach resolves phylogenetic placement of ‘Cafius’ gigas, a unique recently extinct rove beetle from Lord Howe Island

A total-evidence phylogenetic analyses of morphological and molecular data using model-based and parsimony methods indicates that the montane leaf litter inhabitant H. gigas evolved neither in situ nor from a seashore Cafius-ancestor, or from an ancestor shared by two other LHI endemic congeners, Hesperus pacificus Olliff, 1887 and H. dolichoderes.

A Kárpát-Pannon térség neogén-kvarter vulkanizmusa és geodinamikai kapcsolata

A Kárpát-Pannon térség neogén-kvarter vulkáni működése szorosan kapcsolódik a térség geodinamikai fejlődéséhez. Horváth Ferenc professzor munkássága, ösztönzése nagy mértékben segített abban, hogy a



Dynamics of rheological heterogeneities in mantle plumes

The Interplay Between the Eruption and Weathering of Large Igneous Provinces and the Deep‐Time Carbon Cycle

Although many sources of atmospheric CO2 have been estimated, the major sinks are poorly understood in a deep‐time context. Here we combine plate reconstructions, the eruption ages and outlines of

The role of continental lithosphere metasomes in the production of HIMU-like magmatism on the northeast African and Arabian plates

Intraplate alkaline lavas typically exhibit isotopic characteristics that require a source with long-term isolation from the convecting asthenosphere, such as in the sub-continental lithosphere