Intrapetiolar inflorescence buds in Salacca (Palmae): development and significance

  title={Intrapetiolar inflorescence buds in Salacca (Palmae): development and significance},
  author={Jack B. Fisher and Johanis P. Mogea},
The inflorescence in all species of Salacca is enclosed in a chamber within the leaf base and is exserted through a slit on the abaxial surface of the leaf base. The inflorescence bud is interpreted ds an axillary meristem that becomes radially displaced by adaxial growth of the leaf primordium. A fine channel is produced from the leaf axil to the base of the inflorescence and persists at maturity. The channel and the bud chamber enlarge as the leaf elongates. They are lined by an epidermal… CONTINUE READING


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