Intraperitoneal yttrium-90-labeled monoclonal antibody in ovarian cancer.

  title={Intraperitoneal yttrium-90-labeled monoclonal antibody in ovarian cancer.},
  author={J. Simon W. Stewart and Vicky Hird and David Snook and B. Dhokia and Gregory B. Sivolapenko and Glen Hooker and John Papadimitriou and Giselle V Rowlinson and Maureen O Sullivan and Herv{\'e} Lambert},
  journal={Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology},
  volume={8 12},
From March 1987 to March 1988, a phase I to II study was carried out in 25 patients with ovarian cancer. They received escalating doses of intraperitoneally (IP) administered yttrium-90 (Y-90)-labeled monoclonal antibody, HMFG1, against a tumor cell-surface antigen. Myelosuppression prevented an escalation of the administered Y-90 activity above 25 mCi. Y… CONTINUE READING