Intraosseous Lipoma of the Lumbar Spine

  title={Intraosseous Lipoma of the Lumbar Spine},
  author={Jong Tae Kim and Young Min Han and Dong Sup Chung and Young Sup Park},
L ipoma is a very common tumor developed in soft tissue like subepithelium, however, intraosseous lipoma developed inside the bone is a quite rare tumor showing less prevalence than 0.1% or 2.5% among primary tumors developed inside the bones . Intraosseous lipoma has been reported to occur usually in metaphyseal or epiphyseal regions of long bones such as femur, tibia, fibula, and calcaneus, but spinal intraosseous lipoma has been reported in only a few cases 3,5-7,9,10) . Currently, this kind… CONTINUE READING