Intraoperative on-the-fly organ-mosaicking for laparoscopic surgery.


The goal of computer-assisted surgery is to provide the surgeon with guidance during an intervention, e.g., using augmented reality. To display preoperative data, soft tissue deformations that occur during surgery have to be taken into consideration. Laparoscopic sensors, such as stereo endoscopes, can be used to create a three-dimensional reconstruction of… (More)
DOI: 10.1117/1.JMI.2.4.045001


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@article{Reichard2015IntraoperativeOO, title={Intraoperative on-the-fly organ-mosaicking for laparoscopic surgery.}, author={Daniel Reichard and Sebastian Bodenstedt and Stefan Suwelack and Benjamin Mayer and Anas Preukschas and Martin R. Wagner and Hannes Kenngott and Beat P. M{\"u}ller-Stich and R{\"u}diger Dillmann and Stefanie Speidel}, journal={Journal of medical imaging}, year={2015}, volume={2 4}, pages={045001} }