Intraoperative monitoring of the abducens nerve in extended endonasal endoscopic approach: a pilot study technical report.


BACKGROUND To determine the reliability and usefulness of intraoperative monitoring of the abducens nerve during extended endonasal endoscopic skull base tumor resection. METHODS We performed abducens nerve intraoperative monitoring in 8 patients with giant clival lesions recording with needle electrodes sutured directly into the lateral rectus muscles of the eye to evaluate spontaneous electromyographic activity and triggered responses following stimulation of the abducens nerves. RESULTS A total of 16 abducens nerves were successfully recorded during endoscopic endonasal skull base surgeries. Neurotonic discharges were seen in two patients (12% [2/16] abducens nerves). Compound muscle action potentials of the abducens nerves were evoked with 0.1-4mA and maintained without changes during the neurosurgical procedures. No patient had new neurological deficits or ophthalmological complications post-surgery. CONCLUSIONS Intraoperative monitoring of the abducens nerve during the extended endonasal endoscopic approach to skull base tumors appears to be a safe method with the potential to prevent neural injury through the evaluation of neurotonic discharges and triggered responses.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jelekin.2014.04.001
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