Intraoperative imaging to detect coronary stenosis in no-angiography patients.


Sometimes, patients scheduled for cardiac operations other than coronary artery bypass may be unsuitable for preoperative coronary angiography. We routinely use intraoperative high-resolution epicardial ultrasound to select the proper target for the graft and to check graft anastomosis integrity. We describe 3 patients who could not undergo preoperative coronary angiography for different reasons. In all cases, we discovered significant stenosis in the left anterior descending coronary artery, which required bypass grafting. Intraoperative verification by transit-time flow measurements confirmed the significant stenosis detected by imaging.

DOI: 10.1177/0218492316647216

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@article{Giammarco2017IntraoperativeIT, title={Intraoperative imaging to detect coronary stenosis in no-angiography patients.}, author={Gabriele Di Giammarco and Daniele Marinelli and Massimiliano Foschi and Maurilio Di Natale and Fabrizio Costantino Tancredi and Michele Di Mauro}, journal={Asian cardiovascular & thoracic annals}, year={2017}, volume={25 6}, pages={446-449} }