Intraoperative colonic lavage in infants using a Replogle tube


On-table colonic lavage for preparing obstructed bowel prior to anastomosis or stoma formation is now routine in adults, but it is seldom used in paediatric practice. We describe a simple technique for intraoperative colonic lavage using inexpensive medical devices that are also readily available and disposable, a Replogle tube, a fine-bore sucker, and a 20-ml syringe. We have used this technique in infants with intestinal obstruction due to anorectal malformations, intestinal atresias, and post-NEC strictures, to good effect.

DOI: 10.1007/s00383-004-1215-6

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@article{Vincent2004IntraoperativeCL, title={Intraoperative colonic lavage in infants using a Replogle tube}, author={Michelle Valerie Vincent and Sean S. Marven}, journal={Pediatric Surgery International}, year={2004}, volume={20}, pages={562-563} }