Intraoperative bile duct visualization using near-infrared hyperspectral video imaging.

  title={Intraoperative bile duct visualization using near-infrared hyperspectral video imaging.},
  author={Karel J Zuzak and Sabira C Naik and George Alexandrakis and Doyle Hawkins and Khosrow Behbehani and Edward H. Livingston},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={195 4},
BACKGROUND Current methodologies for imaging the biliary system during cholecystectomy are cumbersome and do not eliminate the risk of bile duct injury. We describe an approach to intraoperative biliary imaging that will enable surgeons to see through the hepatoduodenal ligament and visualize the anteriorly placed biliary system. METHODS A laparoscopic-capable, near-infrared, hyperspectral imaging system was built. Reflected light passes through a liquid crystal filter that is continuously… CONTINUE READING


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