Intraocular lymphoma. Immunopathologic analysis of vitreous biopsy specimens.

  title={Intraocular lymphoma. Immunopathologic analysis of vitreous biopsy specimens.},
  author={David A. J. Wilson and Rita M. Braziel and James T. Rosenbaum},
  journal={Archives of ophthalmology},
  volume={110 10},
Immunologic analysis of cell surface markers (immunophenotyping) has become a standard procedure in the evaluation of systemic lymphomas. However, attempts to apply these techniques to intraocular lymphoma have not been uniformly successful. We successfully immunophenotyped five consecutive cases of intraocular lymphoma using immunoperoxidase surface marker analysis of cytocentrifuged specimens in two cases and flow cytometry in three. In all five cases, a monoclonal B-cell population was… CONTINUE READING