Intraneuronal dopamine-quinone synthesis: A review

  title={Intraneuronal dopamine-quinone synthesis: A review},
  author={D. Sulzer and L. Zecca},
  journal={Neurotoxicity Research},
  • D. Sulzer, L. Zecca
  • Published 2009
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Neurotoxicity Research
  • Dopamine-quinone is synthesized by oxidation of the catechol ring of dopamine. If this occurs within the neuronal cytosol, the quinone may react with cytosolic components, particularly cysteine residues. In contrast, if quinone is produced within neuronal lysosomes it may provide the fundamental building block for neuromelanin. Since the population of neurons that die in Parkinson’s disease are those that display obvious intralysosomal neuromelanin and since cytosolic dopamine-dependent… CONTINUE READING
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