Intranasal delivery of deferoxamine reduces spatial memory loss in APP/PS1 mice

  title={Intranasal delivery of deferoxamine reduces spatial memory loss in APP/PS1 mice},
  author={Leah Hanson and Jared M. Fine and Dan B. Renner and Aleta L. Svitak and Rachel B. Burns and Thuhien M. Nguyen and Nathan J. Tuttle and Dianne L. Marti and SystemM. Panter and William H. Frey},
  journal={Drug Delivery and Translational Research},
Intranasal administration, which bypasses the blood–brain barrier and minimizes systemic exposure, is a non-invasive alternative for targeted drug delivery to the brain. While identification of metal dysregulation in Alzheimer’s brain has led to the development of therapeutic metal-binding agents, targeting to the brain has remained an issue. The purpose of this study was to both determine concentrations of deferoxamine (DFO), a high-affinity iron chelator, reaching the brains of mice after… CONTINUE READING


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